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Steve Dao 12 March 2020 All Blogs

Copy-On-Write is a common computing technique that helps boost performance when copying structures

Winson Lim 11 October 2019 All Blogs

I had the chance to attend this year’s YOW! Singapore 2019 and tl;dr, there were several great sharings!

Johan Sim Jian An 16 September 2019 All Blogs

TLDR. Use *bytes.Buffer, *bytes.Reader, or *strings.Reader if you would like Content-Length being set in the HTTP client request sent.

Ryne Cheow 15 July 2019 All Blogs

Venturing into creating a singularity in multi-feature application

Johan Sim Jian An 18 May 2019 All Blogs

I have been using Go for 4 years. For the most part, Go is a very great language. However, I always found something is lacking/missing. There are things that Go could have done better.

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